Becareful form scam projects

hello everyone , Today we will talk about scam airdrops there are many scam projects which are running airdrops to steal your money . Don’t connect your wallet with any site to get airdrop first you need to verify whether it is real or fake site . For the name of aptos there are many fake aptos twitter account be careful from scammers.


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Very good point! It is always a good idea to utilize a burner wallet when interacting with such sites imo.


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Thanks for your valuable sharing, my friend stole 3 million USDT by hackers in metamask transfer yesterday


There’s many scams on aptos, free mints, click the link and etc. Just 3 times check before accepting anything and check for copycats in diffrent chats in telegram, discord and twitter. Scammers will scam if you do everything fast and not paying attention.

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Thank you, the orientation will be paramount

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сб, 19 нояб. 2022 г. в 16:55, fccrypto1 via Aptos <>:

why so many scams on aptos?

Who is to answer such question

Bo dał okazałego airdropa i dużo naiwnych osób liczy na następne okazałe zrzuty z ekosystemu Aptos, a cwaniacy wyłapują okazję na łatwy zarobek.