Based on experience, many solid projects are not willing to launch now until the bull signals 🚦

Based on experience, many solid projects are not willing to launch now until the bull signals.

I also noticed projects reward loyalty and snapshots are taken in bear market.

Advice: Work hard now while they are building in bear market.

When bull run comes, we will see mad rewards for tasks you did 1-2 years ago.

Based on experience though, do as many tasks you can, now that everywhere is silent and dry.

I don’t see Linea fading away soon. I don’t see Base fading away soon: ZkSync, Layerzero, Zora, Starknet, Debank, Zerion, Zapper, Holograph, Polyhedra, Lens, Cyber, etc.


Even if bull is next 3years?


They will keep delaying it bcz they know people will keep interacting…… do you know how much zkSync is making per month at the peak of their interactions…… it’s $5mill per month…… so tell me a chain that’s making such money per month without doing anything to launch just like that….

Most people think arbitrum generate money to do airdrop….lolll…… it’s the money the generated from us they use to do the airdrop for us…. Do you know since wen people have been using arbitrum before the airdrop?
Like 2-3years and do you have an idea on how much ther are making per day (especially during arbitrum era)


You are correct :100: percent


Really nice thread


Indeed this is a good list. If base ever launch a token it will be crazy :heart_eyes:


Perhaps, but tell me where else you can spend some, or any amount of money and get any of it back in literal cash ? Where can you get 100 or 1000 times what you spent or get life changing or significant amounts of money even if you didn’t spend any ? Only crypto air drops.


ammazing for these news


Totally agree with this.

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most would rather build than lunch, at the end everyone works for money

You are absolutely right :+1::+1::+1:

This is very good advise… and I will be taking it indeed!

Exactly boss man

That’s crazy then