Ban unofficial Aptos group in telegram (Fake Token Sale group)

I think we need to make a collective complaint about an unofficial Aptos telegram group which spreads false information about token sale (Scam!!!fake sale)

Such groups are spoil the reputation of the project and this is an important task I think!

We can make a group complaint and telegram will block this community!
Any thoughts ?!


Yes, please report scam groups via Telegram, and you can ping me with any concerns. We must work together in order to protect our community! Your help is much appreciated :heart:

The official group is here: @AptosLabs

Announcements channel: @Aptos_official

Be careful out there :warning:


We :sparkling_heart: Aptos

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!!! Do not click on unverified links !!!
!!! And on links like this :grinning: :wink: !!!
!!! Beware of scam !!!

Yes, that’s right, we have to secure inexperienced users. But we must not forget to remind them that they would trust only official sources. And checked all the information.

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James, do you think we should post this request to the community on the main discord channel? Maybe now is not the right time to do it?

PS Only together we will help Aptos become better!


Yeah, fully agree! We definitely need to preserve integrity and security. Ready to participate. Just point out the groups we need to complaint :point_right:

Let’s use the “report-scams” channel on Discord to coordinate any efforts like this. Please contact me and the mods with any concerns.

There are too many scam groups out there, not only in telegram but discord also

Please share the links in scam-report branch in official discord . If they community are big , I think we need to ban them too ! Thanks !

Maybe we can somehow connect with Telegram/Twitter and keep an eye on scammers :roll_eyes:
Aptos after all, an incredibly large project and we will not be denied


I think this goal can be achieved with help of the community . Anyone can file a complaint ! If 1000-2000people will made this - we can ban any fake telegram group or Twitter

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But we need to do it preferably at the same time or at the same day