Bake Off 2.0 on Souffl3

Hi all. I wanted to share with you that project Soulff3 has launched Bake Off 2.0! For those who don’t know what Soulff3 is and what this event is, I recommend to go to their site, twitter and explore. :blueberries:
In short, Bake Off 2.0 is a special event from the Soulff3 marketplace in which you can bake NFT, WL and APT performing simple tasks.
For those who already got (like me) access to Bake Off 2.0 I would like to know your opinion.


hate this baking
spend a lot of time in first time
without results


I am participating in their crew3 , and you ?


I still do not understand what profit can be obtained from it, but I think it is worth waiting for an update soon. And maybe a retrodrop from Soulff3.

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Ofc, dude, 8 lvl at now, and you?

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I also think that the drop is a matter of time, so we expect otherwise what is the point