Badges, are they time worthy?

Badges have missing for the past few days, people are complaining and no news from the community whatsoever but we are to believe APTOS is for the community?
I missed out of the first APTOS airdrop because I didn’t mint a NFT even though I had minted several which are still in my wallet till now, no one on discord or twitter were there to help nut sybils with more than 10 accounts were eligible for the drop, make it make sense please.
The community needs to do better for what happened during version 1 not to repeat itself and they can start by interacting with users now not just influencers only like they do on twitter. They need to do better, I have high hopes for APTOS and all projects launched on the ecosystem. And please make this forum user friendly, it’s just too hard to navigate and boring, the color combo is not good(just because I don’t want to use the word bad)


Nice thread


Nice thread bro


i’m with you


I share your sentiments.

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