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Awesome Network is about leading the way in bridging the gap between employers and employees in the web3 space and everything in between. as the name implies, its a service oriented Nft project (Pass) to enable holders and community acquire modern skills neccessary in web3 through making available mentorship opportunities; a hand in hand guide in the vast space of possibilities.A.W.E.S.O.M.E Network is an NFT project put together by a group of young minds to enlighten, educate and mentor new and creative people into the constantly evolving web3 reality, creating a network of creative minds and intellect to find their niche, exploit it and become experts. A platform where holders can acquire skills such as: product management, community management, customer support, full stack, java script, solidity and other relevant skills in the Web3 space.

The project will also include a Soul Bound Token (Non-transferrable tokens). This will be a certificate endorsed by Aptos. Holders who have gone through our modules of assessment earn a certificate endorsed by Aptos which will be linked to the nft. this makes it non transferable. Getting an Aptos endorsed certificate will not only make this preferrable, it gives it an edge above its competitors and holders can easily get value for their skills.
note: members can choose between Linking (soul-bound) or not.

We will also develop a market place where new project owners can come and outsource for people who can help bring their ideas into the limelight, that is holders can create a web3 profile and the jobs they offer linking them to the people in need of their services. We will also provide an asset verification bot on the Aptos Network , Holding weekly AMA on twitter/ Discord where New project owners will have to come and talk to the Aptos Communitiy and talk about their projects and what they tend to offer and how it is beneficial to the Aptos Network. An asset verification bot will also be developed which leverages the power of identity to help create a social space unique to a specific network of humans. Once the bot is added to either Discord or Telegram they will help manage your community. also Features like ; role verification , attribute holders roles, rarity roles, whale roles And soo much more!

Who would be considered your competitors?

This project is original. There are many platforms that offer free educational materials to learn necessary skills but none of them so far is built on a blockchain neither do they offer certificate endorsed by said blockchain. The asset verification bot is unique to every blockchain such as: collabland bot for Ethereum, metahelix for Solana etc, this bot will be the first on the Aptos blockchain. In terms of marketplace for web3 jobs, there are competitors such as Solful on Solana blockchain, Web3 jobs on ethereum blockchain, Fiverr, Upwork. What makes ours different is the mentorship program, the skill acquisition program and the aptos endorsed certificate.

Benefit to the Aptos ecosystem:

Which problems or gaps in the Aptos ecosystem does your project solve?

  1. Aptos’ mission to help billions of people to achieve universal and fair access to decentralized assets in a safe and scalable way will be easily achieveable if this project is implemeted because it will:

a. Help educate people on blockchain technology, its uses, adoption and general importance.

b. Help educate people what web3 is all about. The term web3 is so commonly used yet a very few of them know and understand how web3 and its applications works. This project aims to guide people through the vast space of web3, its Possibilities and opportunities.

c. Help people identify their niche, groom it and wield it like experts.

  1. It will close the gap of asset verification on the blockchain.

  2. It will increase the value of the token. The project will be built on this blockchain which means it will be minted with its native tokens. The demand will increase the value. Non-transferable tokens (Aptos endorsed certificates) gives it an edge. This will promote credibilIty, loyalty and Sustainance in the community to the ecosystem.


What are the success metrics for your project?

• The Covid-19 era increased the general adoption of remote jobs and since then it has gotten better. As it evolves the demand for applicable skills is on the rise. However, knowing the skills to acquire and where to apply them is still a major challenge to millions of people, this project aims to create a community that mentors and guide individuals in their journey of self realization and improvement in the web3 space also providing a Market place for them to create a profile and allow project owners hire them accordingly.

• Partnering and inviting experts in different fields of web3 to serve as mentors and teachers to the community. This will be implemented immediately the discord and twitter pages are set up and operational.

• Creating of assessment modules by teachers and mentors, also implement the certificate program.

Deliverables & Timeline: The project is expected to launch and mint out within a 3 months timeframe.

Building of the community; Discord, twitter, instagram, and telegram: deliverable, 2 weeks for initial startup for discord roadmap and whitepaper, however it will be an ever growing community.

Partnering and inviting of experts, mentors and teachers to the community; 2 weeks timeframe

Sensitizing of the community: Introductory classes, AMA sessions, Twitter spaces 2 months timeframe

Marketing: paid advertisement through influencers, blogs, twitter ads etc, raids, giveaways 2 months

Minting: mint out, enrollment of classes and curriculum. No timeframe as the project is continous.

Certificate and Marketplace: Holders who have completed their program gets their Certificates and profile issued, linked and bounded in the Aptos blockchain while the MARKETPLACE will be done to provide a platform where Nft holders can market their jobs and project owners can look for the right people to build with. ETA: 4 weeks after mint.

Team + past experience:

O. Chigozie (Project lead)

Builder |Crypto,Nft Ethusiast | Technical Advisor. Experienced in Building Strong Nft Communities have worked in Major Blockchains (Etherum, Solana, ICP, Algorand, Elrond)|SEO | Discord Security Expert.


Discord: ojuu#5882




Profile: Business administration ( Content writer, Community manager and Teacher.


Customer service personnel at Sterling bank - 2 years

Customer support at Dhl - 1 year

Community manager at Nft discord communities - 1 year


Twitter: @TamaraOmoike

Discord: @Tameyy#4178


Chukwuemeka Kingsley Ebubechukwu

Profile: Full stack dev and Undergrad

Skills; worked with NEXT, vue ,REACT, Python, RUST etc. for 3+ years. Built Blockchain converters, website, Nfts bots, discord bots ,e-commerce website and many more.

Github: ChukwuemekaKingsley (Kingsley Chuwkuemeka) · GitHub



Profile: Graphics Designer, motion graphics, and social media advertisng researcher.


Team member Fletcha wallet (visuals and designs).

Graphic designer intern with Pera Algo wallet.


Github: Zamanikings · GitHub

Micheals .

Skills: Technical analyst, blockchain and crypto tutor.


Technical analyst at Predas_world

Tutor at Binance Africa.




Github: Rissrozy · GitHub

How does the team’s past experience contribute to the proposed grant project?

The team’s skills and past experience in project management, crypto and nft market and other aspects will help push the project forward. We are equipped with the right human resource to sustain the project to the middle stage before partnering with tutors in other fields.

Chigozie, project lead is an intelligent crypto Ethusiast who has been in the space for more than 3 years with experiences in various major blockchains. He oversees the smooth running of the project, manages the team amongst others.

Sandra is a project manager and business admnistration by certification. She has modrated discord communities, hosted live AMA sessions and twitter spaces. Her past experience will help moderate the server, get collabs, write roadmap and whitepaper as a content writer, manage finance, send report, create activities, and research for partners and resources to successfully manage project.

Kingsley is our dev. He is a full stack dev who has worked on numerous projects in the past such as choice coin on the Algorand blockchain. He will be responsible for the dev tasks of the project.

Kingsley is the designer who is in charge of designs and graphics.

Rissrozy Micheals is in charge of handling socials. He’ll come up with contents for twitter and medium.
we all are strongly motivated to build something unique ,something evolutionary.

Key Risks:


This is a low risk project but due to the amazing utility this project has and the calibre of people that will be involved, our social media platforms might be a high profile target for scammers and hackers, luckily our project lead and community mangers are up to the task.

We aim to have a very interactive community, so join us on twitter Let’s do this together!


As the name implies. This project idea is really awesome. Thank for bringing it here. All the best man.


Thanks alot FAM :heart:
We look forward to Interacting with the Aptos Community,
You can follow us on twitter as we grow organically! We have a lot in store and will be revealed gradually

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Thanks a lot fam! Can’t wait to start building and onboarding… The more people in the space the merrier :+1::woman_technologist::woman_technologist::man_student::teacher:

Slow and steady wins the race.