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New Potential Airdrop : Aptos 2nd Airdrop (Aptos Network)
:eyes: Focus : Aptos future/2nd round airdrop is highly potential, why? Because on tokenomics 51% is for community and airdrop amount only around 3%
:point_right: Register : Aptos

  • If you have eligible email/account for aptos airdrop before, use that same account
  • If you are new user, then sign up

Tasks :

  • Complete your profile
  • Click on 3 line and click badges
  • Try to complete all tasks and get as much badges as you can
  • If you can use it daily
  • Be active at Aptos forum and increase your trust level
  • And last, this is not forum related, but keep active on Aptos Network as maybe it can be one of the criteria


Note : Keep in mind this is still potential and not confirm by Aptos team as well, but still worth to try