Attention all from core tiger


A lot of rug has been recently happening on CoreDao network which has made some fellows comparing us to others.

Please do not compare us with hungry Devs after quick gains, we are rich and not after your pockets, we have been here since February early this year. We are one of the first tokens minted on Corechain immediately the network goes live

Please do not compare us to others, we are OG project on Coredao chain, the first meme token on CoreDao… we have good track record for ourselves. With the help of our community our first CA did a 2000x, our new launch happening on 21st on May is projected to do 5000x
Everything is set in place to make this happen, we have partnered with a lot of Chinese and Asian whales. They are coming :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::fire:


Pls Don’t lure us in any further common


Hope won’t be repeated