Atptmoon token on aptos with weekly burn

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  • Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.

The APTMOON project is a revolutionary new memecoin built on the APTOS (APT) blockchain. Our goal is to send the price of APTMOON to the moon, much like how Elon Musk’s rockets soar through the stratosphere.

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

Each week 5% of the circulating supply is burned. This causes APTMOON to be extremely deflationary. HODL your APTMOON, get on the rocket and we’ll see you at the moon!

Whether you’re a memer, a crypto enthusiast, or just someone looking for a fun and exciting investment opportunity, APTMOON is the coin for you. Join us on our journey to the moon and beyond!


telegram:Telegram: Contact @aptmoontoken


probably a good project will be)


elon musk

instanly skip project. DYOR


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This token is really looking nice. I will buy

this is interesting strategy to burn

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