[AT2] Validator Maxim Shishkanov#9479

Hello friends who looked here. My name is Maxim.
I have been studying the Aptos project for more than six months. Back then (ps when not so many people set up the devnet node and there were no guides), the community was not so big. I’m glad it’s expanding so fast. Grateful to the many people from Aptos who help and grow the community. I remember how in personal correspondence Andew | zValid helped with the installation of the first devnet node. I like this project and the community, so I want to support it in AT2. Yes, I’m not a developer or a programmer, but thanks to the experience gained in Aptos and other projects, I learned a lot. As a validator and node operator, I have about a year of experience. Now I can evaluate my skills at a good level. Good luck to everyone in AT2.
My discord: Maxim Shishkanov#9479
:grinning: :wink: