At what time do you consider yourself An OG in the web 3 space?

The web 3 space adresses new comers into the space as newbies, so my question is, at what time do you graduate from been a newbie?
I know many of you will have different opinions such as Longevity, How much money you made and all that.

Personally, I think for you to be graduated from been a newbie, you have to attain a certain level of knowledge on how to navigate around the space and more importantly find your own alpha and be able to make money from it.

That is just my personal view about this topic, you can as well drop your ideas on what it takes to graduate from been a newbie.


I dont have money yet,until then


When I have been able to successfully raise 100 ppl out of poverty


What a great mentality you have here


Money will be made for sure.

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Thats amazing. Nice to hear that

Yeah for sure.

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when you start making enough and being an influence to people in a positive way

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I absolutely agree with this.

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