Astop Tech | Tech company & Indoor Ecosystem inside #AptosEcosystem

Hello everyone, Today is a begin of Astop Tech - Tech company & Indoor Ecosystem inside #AptosEcosystem

Lets learn something about Astop & get closer to us!

  • Project Name: Astop Tech

  • Project Description: Tech Company of Cyber Pet, CritterLand, Soul Sword and more
    Focus on GameFi, NFT Marketplace, Mobile App and Yield Farming. Coming to#Aptos

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem:
    We stand as a tech company that will develope our own projects ( focus on GameFi, NFT Marketplace, Mobile App & Yield Farming. Those projects connect with Aptos Blockchain by Move language, also connect with projects under Astop Tech develope. Those connections will give users some advantages & benefits by joining Astop Ecosystem & also Aptos Ecosystem

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
    Our website is ready, also the first project of Astop Tech is coming out - Cyber Pet.
    Keep your eyes on Astop Tech & Cyber Pet to not dismiss the flights.

Thank you very much for reading! I really appreciate it.
Follow our social links down below!


Social links:
Twitter: @astop_tech
Discord: Astop Tech


Sounds good. Very promising future


Are you building mobile apps &farming applications for Astop or for Aptos ecosystem ?
What exactly did you mean by Mobile apps & Yield Farming?

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This absolutely great, Aptos keep it steady going :rocket:

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Good project,iam not recieve Aptos

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join us and get tight