As a biginner in web3, I'm trying to participate all the projects

I joined web3 by last month, after 1 month hard working, I’m particpating in many projects, such as zkSync, Starknet, Venom, Zeta, Layerzero, Eigenlayer, Scroll, Sei, I don’t want to miss anyone of them, I know it will spend lots of my time and energy, most of the projects will probably have no results, but it’s OK, the process is more important than result.

What projects are you gus participating in?


Same here, it’s just fund that i need


Three/four from this list will earn you good amount of funds but the question is when?
Some of this project airdrop won’t come anytime soon while others might.


thats a big list of projects :exploding_head:


I think following a huge amount of projects just stresses you out. So its better to choose some projects and preoritize like 3-4 depending on your time. When some are inactive due to whatever reasons its possible to pay attention to other projects but not to forget to check for updates

Personnally i like Aptos projects and Zksync and I DYOR


wow,very gooood!!


That’s a good lIst, keep participating, reward is just in the corner and take note as well that as you test certain platforms, you learn as well. You will be surprise how fast you will be able to navigate web 3 just because you were testing most of these projects.


That’s a good idea, I guess


A good idea. I do the same. But funds for the tasks are kinda hard to get.

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A few but it will be worth it

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how about gaming projects?

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Hi there,

Don’t forget to interact with Optimism, too.

They have a large community and interesting projects.

Also, you might wanna get yourself a gitcoin passport, too!

Try to buy NFTs as well.

All the best :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advise, I will keep it in mind.

Not very sure about the gaming projects, is there any good project in this area?

Hope hard work will bring good results.

Thanks, I will keep working on them, I really learn something in the web3 world.

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zkSync is the hottest project in this year, the data shows that there will be a total 5 million addresses in the final, tough competition.

it’s like gambling, you win or you lose, never know until the end.