ArkhamIntel rewarded early Registrants with over $100-$60000

here is more to it, I feel interacting with the platform and utilizing the tools will be much more profitable

My VIP link is available for registration Arkham

Most Investors,journalists,protocols and researchers may not have the time or expertise to fetch informations of blockchain activities and so tend to sort for brilliant on-chain analyst to do the job

And most times this analysts are not adequately paid for their great work.

Introducing Arkham Intel Exchange: The world’s first on-chain intelligence marketplace.

This is a marketplace for users to buy and sell information anonymously.

On-chain analysts sell their information to investors, researchers, traders

Why would someone want such information?

You may want to see the activities of a hacker who exploited your funds,or ascertain the legitness of a project contract activities etc
Or as a trader, you want to locate team wallets for a protocol. The aspects of the marketplace:

Position yourself and sign up for verification


is it second section,when

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