Argent airdrop qualifications

Argent X
The security of Ethereum with the scale of StarkNet

  1. You need to have performed a transaction on Starknet mainnet between 1st April and 9th May 2023 using your Argent X wallet. • you can swap • rate a dapp on dappland • Send [$Eth](https://twitte to a friend Among others. Just have at least one transaction

  2. On the 9th May at 23:59 UTC,
    will take a snapshot of all eligible users who can claim and mint the first NFT. Will continue to update you on the remaining 7 after we mint out the first. LFG. If you read till here, share this with a friend. The more the merrier

, you may catch the next one before me, so keep us informed. Turn on Notifications If your social fren. You are my big idolo. WAGMI.