Area demaded an attention in Web3 NFT space

critical areas that, from my perspective, demand attention,areas that are needed to be addressed ,Making a list of some of the factors I will be talking about

These areas are….

l Perception of value
l Managing expectations,
l Community engagement,
l Trust
l Utility
l Attention span
l Short-term/mid-to-long-term products or plans

delving into each of these factors individually, providing an explanations and analyses for each one, one at a time.

Perception of value : To check the project perception of value, it is important to consider

  1. How value is perceived in the market
  2. What factors influence value perception,
  3. How value perception can be improved or manipulated, for example In the current era of Web3, it’s evident that some projects are increasingly prioritizing aspects that divert their attention away from the essential task of growing a substantial user base.Founders are now swaying from what they should be doing and instead focusing on what they should avoid. It is essential to acknowledge that while factors like token utility, brand identity, media exposure, and community engagement remain pivotal in enhancing value perception,and fostering greater adoption, there is a growing need for projects to stay steadfast in their core objectives and not be distracted by counterproductive endeavors…

Properly managing expectations;
Project managers should set and meet realistic and achievable goals while keeping holders and the community informed about progress and any changes that may affect the project timeline, Failure to manage expectations can result in severe loss of trust and value to holders.


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