Are you tired of being broke and left behind in the crypto boom? Here's how to 100X your investments!

First, if your funds is under 100k NW I don’t even look at ETH/BTC and I dumpster diving instead

You have 2 goals only in crypto -
1 - Be early
2 - Avoid Rugs

Both are equally important

Here are the tools I use to make it work

3-[De.Fi - DeFi Investing & Yield Farming Platform]

*How I use each

1- @OnChainWizard (
powerful software chainedge lets me accomplish “Be Early” part but I use it for 100-500M MC coins Pro tip - use Alpha stream for early apes

2- @Blockpour](
is also used for point 1 but with a twist. I use “Find Pair” tab, filter by [$ARB] and go from the last page to the first.

3-When I see a new coin or coin I know but getting traction I check dex screener If under 5M MC (the lower the better) I move to step 2 [$JACK] I found 45K MC a few days ago and aped now up 80% so far using this method

4-Before I buy I check step 2 which is even more important than step 1 IMO I use
@DeDotFi scanner feature to copy pasta the contract and make sure I won’t get rugged (or better my odds at least)

Now, I just hope I can sell for a profit and not get rugged on the way.
I also use a burner wallet for those ape risky coins and ofc risk management so I ape small and if it goes to zero I can still eat.

Learn how to fish instead of waiting for dinner and you will be better than most.

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Here’s how to 100X your investments!]
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