Are NFTs dead ? Will there be a positive change soon?

Generally the euphoria that came with Minting your favorite projects NFT’s are all down as well as most of their Floor prices . Do you think a comeback is imminent for NFT’s in the nearest future ?


All assets are dumping during bear market mate, not only NFTs.

Bitcoin dropped more than 50%, ETH dropped more than 60%, and some main altcoins dropped over 90% (such as sol).

Are cryptos dead? obviously no.

Similarly, is NFT dead because BAYC floor price dropped 60%? I don’t think so.


Thanks for this insight . I believe the next bull run will play a major role in NFTs as well


Thanks for your feedback :grin:

NFT is like alternative investments, which means it’s less liquid than your crypto positions. For example, we usually cannot sell a NFT (not the rare ones of that collection) around or above the floor price immediately.


NFTs are ded for now lol, everyone just chilling the next ×100 meme coin


Lol the euphoria around meme coins is crazy though


Some NFTs are liquid as well especially in the span of 3 months from mint time but less compared to crypto unless there’s targeted fud.

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its sad the volume these days in NFTS are on the down low, i do see it as an opportunity to get interested in communitites you believe or take a liking to and your pfp is one of those communities that should be on that list

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I agree with you . Oh my pfp. I’m part of the community (discord) as a holder. You hold any Nft?

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Very well well

They’re not dead

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Lol you sound so confident

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Okay but the euphoria surrounding it seems to have reduced a lot

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NFTs will strong growth in future, not dead


I believe so too . We need strong community along with founders and developers with innovations to sustain not only the Floor price for months/ years but indulging In communal activities that gives back to holders.

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I agree with you positive

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