Are Airdrops lossing their meaning?

I won’t forget that faithful night in October 2022, my phone was buzzing, my 2 crypto communities on my WhatsApp were buzzing, I remember this was around 2-3am west African time. What’s is happening, apparently a NFT that I minted to show I was following a community progress was the key to my airdrop. You are here so you know which airdrop I’m referring to, yes, Aptos Airdrop.
I was estactic, didn’t know if was going to be able to sleep back that night but I did eventually.
I know you will be asking how does this have anything to do with “airdrops and if they are losing their meaning”, it does so please just bear with me and ooh to make you feel good I lost most of it to FTX ( story for another topic).
So yeah back to Airdrops, airdrops used to mean I see your project I believe in your project by following your progress and testing your capabilities, showing that I was part of the significant aspect that helped grow stability and trust in your network.
Back to the story I started with Aptos did this best. Created a platform to ensure humans real humans had access then test their network with a NFT mint. You wouldn’t have randomly just done both and even if you did you are the lucky random few that don’t count ( sorry not sorry) yes .
But now we see airdrops that will take you to become full time worker to be able to do them.
I got Aptos Airdrop and I can beat my chest and say before I lost it to FTX I had given back more than 80 apt out of my 150apt back to the ecosystem. That’s the point of airdrops to let more people be willing to use your network.
You are not paying us back for what we have done so far
You are letting us know I see you have an interest in my network here is an incentive to help you use it more for me to develop it more.
I know the bear season has a part to play with how hard airdrops are to get but I just hope we go back to the times getting airdrops were really exciting that you cannot sleep at night cause of too much excitement.
Bring back real Airdrops…


heads up, you coming out strong


Good update


Well composed


Sybillers also spoilt the show too


Nice nd well composed man


very good write up mate


You’re right, how I wished aptos team finds a way to deal with that.

One solution in the pic below


You’re spitting fact my brr, excitements will almost snatched sleep from your eyes.

I do give most back to the community I got it from as well…. Not that I’m rich but that’s what I love to do