Arco Protocol (Aptos Ecosystem)

Arco Protocol ( is a lending platform built for Aptos and Sui.

Right now this project is in its early stages and we’ll look at what activities you can do to get a piece of the $2,000,000 $ARC retrograde.

The list of rewarding activities:

  1. Test ALL the activities that the protocol allows (Borrowing, borrowing, repaying, withdrawing and liquidating other people’s loan positions)
    :zap: Reward: $300-500 $ARC

  2. Find a vulnerability and report it in discord and form
    :zap:Reward: 1000-5000 $ARC

  3. Get an OG role in Discord for activity.
    :zap:Reward: 1000 $ARC

Overall, the project is interesting and early activity is clearly outlined, but there is no estimated quarterly launch date for their token yet. The usability of the token is a bit boring -
DAO votes, but I don’t think that matters much given the almost zero investment. I suggest scrolling through the first point from multiple accounts.


Arco posted a Twitter poll asking the community whether the funds received should be returned, kept or if the project itself should be handed over to the community.

At press time the majority of respondents have requested a refund. Arco said that Wormhole and Celer Network had cancelled partnerships with them following the calamitous launch.