Arbitrum topped the rating of L2 networks in terms of TVL volume

CoinGecko analysts published the results of a study of the L2 solutions market.
They named the top 10 second-tier networks based on TVL indicators.
The Arbitrum project topped the rating with symbols of $1.79 billion.

Experts noted that in May the Arbitrum second-level network reached a record level of $2.6 billion. However, in October this figure dropped to $1.79 billion. Let us recall that in the spring the project conducted an airdrop and distributed ARB tokens to users.

The second place in the ranking was taken by the Polygon network with $775 million, the top three is closed by Optimism with a TVL of $639 million. In July, it overtook Arbitrum in terms of the number of transactions after the launch of the Worldcoin project.


Wow, i thought zksync will be among the top 10 L2 chains

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Arbitrum as an ecosystem is just wow , they keep flourishing

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ARB is king

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