AptStats.xyz, all information you want to know about Aptos is here!

  • Project Name / Organization: Aptos Status.
  • Project Description: Creating this project is to help growing Aptos ecosystems and let Aptos users to have one place to check different kind of information at one place, including statistics, pricing and $APT coin, vesting and validators, etc.
  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem: One-stop platform to provide necessary and different kind of information.
  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline: First version already deployed.

Check this out at https://aptstats.xyz and I hope you like it!
Any suggestions or advices are welcome!


Good work​:muscle::+1:

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Super project :ok_hand:


Useful information :+1:

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Yeah, it looks bullish.

Very brief summary.

What does it mean? I do not understand

The project looks like it has a lot of potential. I will notice it :ok_hand:

nice job :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thank you all for your support!

Update: Added news channel. AptStats - Aptos Network Status

Update: Added new channel and fixed the vesting chart. welcome to check out.

A job well done.

We keep building on Aptos! Today we added an ecosystem page that shows all the projects listed on Defillama but with different angels. Now you can easily follow these protocols, checking their social statistics, like their followers on Twitter, membets on TG or discord groups.

Its’ been a while but we didn’t stop building.

Recently, we added a complete section called Ecosystems. Beneath that, there are 3 pages:

  1. Overview
    A dashboard shows different metrics for all ecosystem projects, now it’s around 300.
  2. Community
    Here we look inside projects from their social communities, Twitter followers, Discord members and Telegram, etc.
    3). Development.
    We think a project should never stop building, thus we created this page for watching how the projects are doing. We can see their popularities, forks and recent commit charts.

All columns are sortable, so you can find the most interesting ones by yourself.

Attach a picture:

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Buidl nd Buidl WAGMI​:muscle::+1::handshake:t3:

Update: We added a project view page for all ecosystem projects. :slight_smile:

Take AUX as an example: you see the basic info on the header, description, instant tweets on the left, and the social/TVL/development stats on the right.

This page is not optimized for NFT projects yet, but rest assured, we WILL be working on NFT direction soon. Stay tuned!

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I am in love with Your project! Great work

Wow… A progress in the right direction.

We are actively developing a function called “Lovin’it”, vote for your favourite projects!

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