AptosRussian - Media & Educational

  • Project Name: AptosRussian

  • Project Description: Our goal is to spread information about Aptos among the Russian community. We plan to support Aptos’ representation on Telegram, Twitter, and Medium. Moreover, we are going to translate academic articles, not only social media posts. Our key advantage is the ability to translate articles and information in the right way, preserving their meaning. We are helped in this by having both a technical specialist and a native speaker on the team.

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem: Russian language interpretation will allow more Russian-speaking people to hear about Aptos. Russian is one of the most used languages in such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and many other countries.

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline: We already have some progress in translating materials for Aptos - these are 10 translated articles in Medium and the beginning of work on Telegram and Twitter. We plan to finish with a starter set of translations of the entire Medium page, a few educational articles, and social media pages by August 10. After that, I would formulate our task as translating updates from the official Aptos social media on time and producing educational articles in-house every week or two.

  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation: Our team consists of two people (may expand in the future):

@LoremIpsum is a technician with a college degree in network engineering and programming. He has three years of experience in supporting nodes in decentralized networks. He also has some experience with Solidity language.

@NKT_Blunt is also a technician with experience in node support. In our team, he is a person with native English. Furthermore, he has two years of experience as an administrator and manager on various pages on social networks.

And though we don’t have a proper portfolio in the blockchain media space, we think we can create the right atmosphere in the Russian-speaking Aptos community.

Our strong confidence in Aptos and the understanding of the long terms of this project constantly fuel our motivation. Thus, we want to be part of the revolution in the game and continuously support Aptos Project.

  • Key Risks & Challenges: Our main goal is to let the community know as soon as possible that Aptos has a representative office for the Russian-speaking community where they can get updates and the hottest news, as well as tutorials.

I think it wouldn’t be a problem if the Aptos team would meet us halfway and spread the word about ourselves on their official pages: Discord and Twitter.


Hi! Are you a part of existing Nodes Guru telegram community or want to make a separate channel?

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I think his first task need to be check this topic and write more info about his project

Greetings. I am inspired by the idea of ​​creating a separate Russian-speaking community entirely focused on the Aptos ecosystem. I mean not only the channel in the telegram, but also other social networks and, if I may say so, creating a knowledge base for the Russian-speaking community.

For the most part, this topic was created to discuss the priority tasks at this stage, cooperation and criticism from the Aptos team. The creation of this kind of child community should not be concentrated in the hands of one or two administrators.

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It 's very cool and I can help !

In fact, a similar project already exists :grin: @cryptoded created a website with translations of all Aptos articles. I recommend collaborating with him :fist:

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This is really helpful

Hi, I am very happy to see your thoughts and we have the same thinking. We are a multilingual decentralized media and research organization. Various topics are freely researched and curated by the community, such as: DAO and governance infrastructure, zero-knowledge proof and Layer2, quantum computing, space exploration and other cutting-edge fields. Can we work together to build a multilingual ecosystem of Aptos?