AptosReels - The first Slot Machine on Aptos


What is AptosReels?

AptosReels is the first Slot Machine game on the Aptos blockchain using devnet network. This is a work-in-progress but users are already able to win devnet $APT on winning spins. Their is no outgoing transactions yet, I.E: Users don’t pay for spins/wagers but are still rewarded upon wins.

  • Wallet Connections
  • LIVE Devnet Payout
  • Balance (Need to reload to refresh balance)
  • Reset Reels
  • Request Transactions for Wagers


Update Post

We’ve updated the frontend for AptosReels to align with the changes we made to our main website. This new update also included the ability for your balance to be updated with every won game :rocket:

we will follow! :boom:

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