APTOSQUESTS.COM - Online Event from the Community for the Community!

Today we’re launching our online event - AptosQuests

A dangerous virus has taken over the world decentralization.
Many projects collapsed, and the rest had to hide in the shadows for a long time
But old legends say that some The Wisemen are creating a weapon whose power will be unmatched.
This is a difficult task, Pathfinders, but only you can help us!
Go on a journey and find this weapon, learn as much as you can and defeat the enemy!
I wish you good luck Pathfinders!

Six amazing stages await you!

Final Boss at the end!!

Defeat him and get a special NFT Pathfinder Season 1 award!
Good riddance Pathfinders!


Hey Friends We hope that you will enjoy participating in this event.
In this post we will reflect any changes in AptosQuests.
Your support and the support of the team - will allow us to run a few more events in the future about the Aptos project, and about the ecosystem itself!

All this was planned as a forum community development idea, as well as an Educational course for newcomers and an activity for the project’s olds, but we think that this potential of the idea can give a start to something bigger! And, if users or anyone on the team would be interested, let us know!

A similar approach could be used for different events or testnets, as well as announcing any Big Events and more!
So many people on discord have been asking for any activities and events, and we heard you!
Explore the project through the amazing AptosQuests event! And at the end there’s a reward waiting for you!

Action should be rewarded and we understand that! As a reward for passing all the tests, you will be able to receive a link to the Devnet NFT Pathfinder claim. She is really beautiful!

There’s a FAQ section on the site, as well as our vision in the About section, and our Contacts.
Feel free to ask questions here, on the forum, or in pm Kelpie’s or Mr_Pool’s in discord. Help us get better!
Leave your ideas/problems/feedback!

We’ve spent a lot of effort and resources on our idea hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

*This is the First Season of the Event, the questions aren’t too difficult, many of them can be answered intuitively and easily, plus we left a lot of hints! Maybe there are some flaws, but this is the first event and further we will only get better! *

*By the way, the boss was designed specifically for this quest, no need to worry, we love and appreciate other projects as much as you do and this is just a fun story from the same guys as you!) *

Going forward, we’d love to implement ideas on other services or already within the Aptos ecosystem itself!

17.08.22 - It is not very pleasant for our oversight, there was a mistake in the names at the 3rd stage. But now everything has been fixed.

19.08.22 - We have prepared a special form for enthusiasts who will help translate AptosQuests into other languages.

27.08.22 - German version added
28.08.22 - Chinese version added
31.08.22 - Russian version added


It’s cool done and also in its own style that just adds aesthetics and uniqueness! And the idea itself is very cool


Thank you very much for your feedback! It is very important for us!
In the near future we would like to make our project multilingual. This would allow to attract more audience for this activity.
We would attract enthusiasts from the Aptos community for this, if someone wants to participate in this.

Stay tuned :eyes:


First look at the NFT Pathfinder. At the end of the quest, you will receive a link to the claim of this special nft on Topaz.
It was originally planned without a smile. Which option do you like better? :eyes:


Hi, Dude
movedao would like to translate Quests into Chinese.Can you add me on discord pls
and we can talk about the details.thanks


Hey, okay :slight_smile:

We’re currently figuring out the functionality of how best to do this.
And most likely we’ll prepare a special table, where the text will be written in English, and opposite you would write a translation into Chinese. And we would use that to create a multilingual format.

But if you have any other options for translations, I’d love to hear from you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Love the project! Its so well made and it looks really amazing. The stages were kinda hard haha but will continue later. I am excited to see the future of Aptos Quests. About the multilingual format, if you guys need a german translator feel free to reach out. Would love to contribute :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the feedback!

Of course we need a German translator! Right now we’re thinking about how best to prepare it all, because some quests have language nuances that work fine in English, but can cause problems in other languages.

As soon as all these points are resolved, we’ll be sure to let you know! :muscle:


I like the idea a lot, special NFT is mindblowing, huge support to you guys

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i like the second Nft, because his your eyes light up , he is more funny :eyes::ghost::star_struck:

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  • We are counting on you :slight_smile:
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Will do! :smile:

Hello. If this is still relevant to you, please make a copy of this document and you can make a translation. After that, share it with us here on the forum, on Miro or in private messages :slight_smile:

sure.But it will take a few days. I have a lot of work to do during AIT3


this is a very creative idea, which you have successfully implemented! Great job, you are great fellows and deserve respect) :sunglasses:

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Thank you so much! In fact, a special thanks to the Aptos community, without you we wouldn’t have made it! :star_struck:

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I can’t find the answer for stage 3, I’ve tried all possible words. maybe you forgot this answer in the story?

Hi, all passwords are available, 17 people have already managed to get to the boss! :eyes:
Did you have a problem at the stage with the Wise Men?

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Hey! No, — as usual, this has been a blast :laughing: