AptosNFT.Market - Ultimate Aptos NFT Aggregator ✨

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AptosNFT Market

  • Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.

AptosNFT.Market — Aptos NFT aggregator that provides collectors with an easy way to research, compare, and trade all Aptos NFTs in one dApp.
As an NFT collector using AptosNFT.Market, you’ll be able to:

  • Explore and find all Aptos NFTs in one place — saving time on context switching and jumping between multiple marketplaces.
  • Research and compare Aptos NFTs across all the marketplaces, using up-to-date, independent, and uniform data and rich stats, standardized filters, and the cheapest listings — to make informed decisions and easily keep a pulse of the market.
  • Easily buy the best NFTs with a one-click experience saving time on technical UXs and making it seamless to snuck up the latest mints.
  • Easily list NFTs in batches and across multiple marketplaces, enjoying automated priced recommendations based on market trends and machine learning models.

We aim to work collaboratively with other NFT marketplaces and collections on Aptos to increase the adoption of NFTs on Aptos at large, and eventually on other chains.

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem

We want to bring more users into Aptos NFTs by making trading them as seamless and simple as possible. That’s why we’re making our mission to build a one-stop-shop solution for buying and selling all NFTs on Aptos— and eventually - on other chains.
We want to increase the total Aptos NFT pie for all NFT players on Aptos:

  • AptosNFT Market will bring incremental NFT buyers and sellers for Marketplaces
  • All purchases/sales will be implemented via Marketplaces smart contracts, will pay Marketplaces’ fees and will count towards their volumes
  • All marketing activities of AptosNFT Market will benefit Marketplaces and generate more awareness
  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
  • Q4 / 2022
    • Developing tokenomics and litepaper
    • Partner with Aptos ecosystem projects
    • Growing our community
    • Alpha AptosNFT.Market development
  • Q1 / 2023
    • Alpha AptosNFT.Market launch
    • Smart Contracts audits
    • NFT Oracles Integrations
    • ANFT token launch
    • ANFT staking
    • Beta AptosNFT.Market development
  • Q2 / 2023
    • Beta AptosNFT.Market launch
    • Feature enhancement and iterations
    • DAO governance
    • Fiat on-off ramps
  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation

AptosNFT.Market is being developed by a team with extensive web2 and web3 experience:

  • Co-founders of AptosNFT.Market — Vol and Kos - are serial entrepreneurs who founded Orion Money on Terra in 2021, and grew to over $130M in TVL and more than 20,000 users. After becoming one of the earliest and most affirmed projects on Terra, Orion Money had to sunset due to the Terra and Anchor Protocol implosion.
  • The AptosNFT.Market team also includes 10 experienced back-end and front-end developers, proficient in smart contracts design, Move, and DeFi experience across multiple blockchains.

We would love feedback from the Aptos community. Please post your questions or feedback below.
For more details - please read our Litepaper.


For more details - please read our Litepaper: AptosNFT.Market Litepaper. Draft v1 | by AptosNFT.Market | Nov, 2022 | Medium.


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