Aptosname eary adopter renewal

Could some help me with extending my Pptos name, as I could not see the promotion banner on their main website, as is suggested in twitter post.

Maybe someone got same issue, and could explain me better what should I do in this case.


Man, your write is kinda complicating and I’m finding it difficult to be of help


what do you mean ?


How are you all

I still don’t have an aptos name


Thank sir for sharing info

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Thank sir for sharing info

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try to get one

I’m actually going to look into this…

I don’t see the promo banner either. Might me worth it to connect with the Aptos names team on discord. You can use this link to join: Aptos Names

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Renewals haven’t started yet, check the announcement for the date it will start.

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I think I have had mine so long I need to renew lol

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Thanks for the update