Aptoslaunch Token is now avalaible on Abel Finance


You can now deposit $APT and borrow $ALT on at Abel Finance - Decentralized LP Lending Platform
You can then use the $ALT to stake on Staking - AptosLaunch to get 20% APY

At the forefront of the Aptos ecosystem, AptosLaunch has the fortune of meeting a mass number of DeFi, NFT and GameFi developers everyday. Among the projects we’ve known for some time, Abel Finance is perhaps one of our longest-standing relationship.

Project Overview

At its core, Abel Finance is the First Cross-Chain Lending Platform built on Aptos and Sui — bringing mass liquidity into the Move ecosystem. Some quick facts:

Abel Finance

The First Cross-Chain Lending Platform — built on Aptos and Sui

  • Various Coins and “AMM LP Coins” and NFTs are supported for lending
  • Support cross-chain lending on Aptos and Sui
  • Multi chain assets liquidity with seamless UX — allows for cross chain lending
  • Transparent Treasury Insurance
  • Fully decentralized community autonomy
  • Referenced an implementation of CompoundV2 and was implemented using the MOVE language — with enhanced security and customization

We always deliver.



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