AptosJet - The Multichain & Launchpad

AptosJet - The Multichain & Launchpad Project Listing
an Aptos-based decentralized finance ecosystem that is dedicated to providing users with a CEX-level trading experience. Empowered by its game-changing system supported by game changing HMM core and powerful multi-module components.

Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
Phase 1 - Q4 2022
Minimum Viable Product

  • AptosJet 1.0 (Aptos Beta)
  • Decentralized Exchange & Swap
  • Testnet - Token Minter
  • Multi-chain token pools (Aptos and Ethereum)

What are we trying to solve
One of the most frustrating elements of the cryptocurrency industry is sluggish transactions. Sometimes, transactions can take hours to process and are constantly subject to the business of their native blockchain. AptosJet, supporting Aptos, the new blockchain network, claims to be able to tackle this issue.

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wow jet! let me be your pilot mate :boom: :boom: :boom: LFG

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I’m interested! Let me join!

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