AptosHall - Realtime Charts, DEX Aggregator & Analytics

We’re AptosHall, and excited to be joining the Aptos Ecosystem !

Our main goal is :

Connecting the Aptos Community with precise Price Charting for All projects on Aptos;

Display valuable metrics for each projects, such as mkcap, FDV, Circ. supply, etc;

Display the transaction history for each contract address;

Provide Search for tokens/contracts capabilities.

We’re a team of stealth devs who will continue bringing insurmountable value to Aptos and its users, with enough support and love from the community :slight_smile:

Follow us :


If you have any ideas or concerns regarding anything in Aptos, let us know, we’re always happy to help. We’ll be updating more dev. Screenshots on twitter as we keep pushing forward.

We’re open to hear from content creators, marketing proposals, partnerships/collabs, anything you can contribute, we’ll do our best to accommodate. Let’s make this community a Powerhouse, drop a comment below introducing yourself


It looks very comfortable and cool, I’m waiting for a full version from your project!

This looks like something that I will definitely use!

It’s very convenient and I would definitely use it

full version around the corner… more updates coming soon

Looks great! Look foward to this

A convenient one-stop shop for All Aptos project’s metrics :slight_smile:

Sure hope so, was built with you all in mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, this is really very interesting, I will use it

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Thanks @andrii777 , great to have you join us

Incredible how aptos is growing, the community contributing to growth, let’s continue like this.

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That’s the plan, lets keep growing @dannycripto008. Anything else you’d like to see on AptosHall other than what’s planned ?

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Thanks @chainup_cloudz , we are too :raised_hands:

thanks @zcas , we appreciate the support

Finally :bangbang: seeing a project that the Aptos blockchain actually needs!
I really can’t wait to see what you guys have in stock for us all :heart::fist:


This is really good. :+1: Looking forward to it!

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Hi there! XR here from Blockchain Founders Fund. We’re a VC specialising in blockchain/web3.0 investments, and I’m keen to learn more about AptosHall. Let me know if you’re keen to connect!

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@exar Hey XR, dm us on twitter

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@tameyy We are just as excited about AptosHall deployment. Lots of development on the map.

@ojuu Necessary indeed, Aptoshall will be displaying the necessary info on your investment projects , all in one place.