APTOSHALL - Looking for community muscle/ Hiring open

We are looking for community members to fill roles for marketing, community managers, content creators, collaborations.


We are the team from AptosHall, composed of 2 devs and 1 designer; and we’re building price charts for the many tokens on Aptos. We also have cooking a few other apps, will need all the muscle we can get. Don’t be shy, let us know you are around. Drop a comment below to get to know you.


Hi! My name is Egor, I am 23 years old.

I am an ambassador and moderator of cryptocurrency projects!
I am also a testnet participant and node operator!
I work with various projects and talk about them in my crypto blogs!

— Сonfident user of photoshop and illustrator
— Сreating memes and graphics for social networks
— Editing and creating videos
— Maintaining social networks and telegram channels
— Translation of articles and documentation

You can find more information about bo me on my website: https://egormajjblog-ambassador.taplink.ws/

Hey Egor, msg received. Send us a msg on our discord AptosHall#1290 to talk further.

I can’t find you for some reason

send dm on twitter

done twitter