Aptos Zombies - "Zombies are real on Aptos"

Cool zombie design. The logo in the background is nice, but at times the image of the zombie and the logo blend in because of the similar colours.

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The GIF quality in our previous replies has been ruined through limitations of upload size so we had to compress it majorly, ruining some of the quality in the process.


@qjens @wadimus07 @turlan

Hello, you are all welcome aboard the Aptos flight. We are so happy to have you in our midst. Sit tight, fasten your seat belt and adhere to the rules, cause we are going on Aptos ride.:rocket::rocket::rocket:

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looks really cool
I need more time to search about this hmmm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Uh! Ok, you have all the time in the world dear.


Once again, thank you all for your responses. We’ve updated our website to include a bit more information about the project and soon we’ll produce some helpful infographics to ease understanding.

Below is a list of properties and values from 50 random AptosZombies, we can assure you every zombie is 1/1 and we’re also thinking about moving upwards from 850 initial to 1,000.

Skin Bearded Nose Bling Glasses Clothes Earrings Earplugs Brows Ears Hat Mouth Hand Eye Direction Left Eye Right Eye Eye Type Eye Colour Background Neck Bling Hair Colour Teeth
5* (True/False) 10 4 24 12 9 6 3 33 10 31 (Left/Right) 7 6 3 7 5 10 ** 6 3
* = 3 base skins, one of which has variants.
** = Some neck bling comes standard with clothes, randomly generated to be included or not.

With this table, we hope that you get a better feel for each unique property Aptos Zombies has to offer, some of which may not be within the 50 that have been picked and counted.


Interesting ride on

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A job well.done. thank you. WAGMI🥂

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Yes a perfect job

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You’re probably our biggest supporter, @cryptoaadam and for that our Zombies thank you :brain:

Everyday we’re making small adjustments to the AptosZombies artwork to make sure its the best it can be for when minting is launched, including the metadata attached with it. We are aware people like to check how rare their newly minted/bought NFTs are so with that in mind we will make sure we have a rarity checker, either as a Discord bot and/or on our website.

As well as making these adjustments, we’re also in the process of building open-source tools to be by the whole of the Aptos ecosystem. This includes smart contracts and backend work so other skilled developers can check for insecurities, if their was one.

Our Discord is small but its growing more everyday, with more things to do. You can join here if you’ve missed the link on our Linktr.ee, Aptos Zombies.


Thank you dear @8bf366fcea04a24d1651 , joined already. Buidl nd Buidl WAGM I.:+1::muscle:


Then put more effort

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i want this nft))

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Hello guys, its been a few days since we’ve come back to here but we bring updates:

  • Aptos Zombies now has a treasury.
  • Crew3 Dashboard to help social engagements.
  • 5 new Team Members: 1x Community Manager, 2x Marketing Managers, 2x Collaboration Managers.
  • Aptos Zombies web frontend development.
  • Testnet mint planned before launch.

We’ve probably missed some off the list but our Discord is getting more users by the day, come join fellow Zombies!

Aptos Zombies frontend development



I think this is also worth noting here.

We have begun work on our Aptos Zombies Staking frontend as well an Aptos NFT Portfolio.

The Aptos NFT Portfolio is our first tool for the entire Aptos community to use, not just Zombie lovers and we’ll create a separate announcement for this once its been cleaned up.

A progress in the right direction.

Thanks for sharing.