Aptos wallet options to debate


I have noticed quite few wallet options for Aptos. Some of them are mentioned by Aptos lab, other in airdrops, other can be found in some of Aptos Dapps options to connect.

Is there a reason for so many, is it any better than the other?

Any comment would be more than welcomed.

Thank you!


All are good. But some might not work for some people. Thats why there’s so many options.


As always, while there is nothing wrong with consulting your peers online to get advice, it’s very important that you do your own research and make informed decisions when choosing a wallet to park your money. Please learn as much as you can about as many of these products as possible and then interact with confidence!


Very true. DYOR

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Yes, DYOR is the basics in crypto.

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You are correct

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It teaches you to be responsible for your decisions.

Обилие кошельков это хорошо,каждый может подобрать свой и есть с чем сравнивать.А еще это конкуренция,а это дает нам одни приемущесива

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Healthy competition is good for the end users.

In the aptos infrastructure, every project works with a wallet that fits it, what do you think is the best Aptos wallet? :thinking:

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The most prominent one is Martian wallet.