Aptos Vs Sui? Who'll be more successful?

  • Aptos came around first and they sorta broke the net when they came. Then here comes sui. Do you think they’ll be more successful despite not doing a community airdrop??

  • Who has the better team?

  • Who has more development plans?

  • Sui is gonna launch on Binance Launchpool and a few other DEXs and CEXs, will this give them an edge over Aptos?

  • Who has the bigger community and innovation?

Let’s interact with this, everyone.


Binance got their backs too
Gonna be hard

Aptos all the way because right now from the way things are going sui is not organized


how do you mean? I think Sui is very much organized but playing things a little close to their chest

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If you say so

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Aptos I believe should do more

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:thinking:Aptos definitely


lets see how sui ecosystem grows before :handshake:t4:

Both are solid projects

They’re bother solid and will do well… Time will tell who’s going too be bigger

Both Aptos and sui are cool airdrop…but sui is really making the most since it’s on big platforms like DEX, CEX, BINANCE…