Aptos vs. Ethereum

Many expert sources have hastened to call Aptos the next Ethereum, suggesting that this new blockchain’s mix of features and unrivaled throughput can readily substitute the Ethereum ecosystem for many developers and businesses. But are things as straightforward as they seem to be?

The main advantage of Aptos over Ethereum seems to be in the tps. The tps of Ethereum is around 45 transactions, with many gains achieved due to the recent blockchain updates (the previous tps figures hardly climbed over 15). Aptos’s technical advantage is in using Block-STM methodology that ensures parallel transaction processing and speeds up the process immensely. Besides, the time-to-finality (TTF) indicator is much better for Aptos – only 1 second compared to 1 minute in the Ethereum blockchain.

Still, Ethereum is a long-standing blockchain with a vast developer community and a solid system of support for developers and businesses. So, it’s unlikely that Ethereum users will quickly shift to new technology by abandoning the well-known and pretty universal ecosystem they’ve been using for years.

                                              |Ethereum                 |Aptos                     |

|Maximum tps |45 |160,000 |
|Consensus mechanism |PoS |PoS |
|Programming language |Solidity |Move |
|Market cap |203 billion* |2.6 billion** |
|Time-to-finality |Less than 1 minute|Around 1 second|
|Blockchain type |Layer 1 |Layer 1 |


Ethereum is some leagues ahead of APTOS or any other blockchain


it really is


Ethereum will always remain top.


Ethereum oh

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Ethereum anyday anytime

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It was interesting to read the post, not bad. like


Aptos is cool

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Eth is ahead no doubt but Aptos is great too

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Nice detailed info bro

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Aptos is a good project same etherium


Bullish on Aptos LFG!!

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Aptos is less than 2years old and it is making this much impact. I think soon it will go ballistic and come very close to ETH

etheruem remains the number 1 blockchain aptos could catch up in a few years time.

thats true

very likely

very well explained, thanks

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