Aptos View (Educational project (RU))

“Aptos View”

The project under the original name “Aptos View” educational ptrojec for RU community

The aim of the project is to introduce new community members to projects from the Aptos ecosystem.

This project will help people who first heard about Aptos to learn about all the opportunities that exist in the Aptos ecosystem, this includes all high-quality projects from different developers, whether it’s a wallet, Defi or NFT market, it can be anything.

The value of this project for the Aptos Ecosystem is that as many people as possible can learn more about all ecosystem projects and easily start using them.
A person may know about Aptos in general and about some specific projects built on Aptos, but he may not know that there are a lot of useful projects in Aptos that he could use. This educational project solves this problem, and also simplifies the user’s immersion in new projects. He only needs to watch the video to fully get acquainted with the project and understand the main thing:What kind of project is it, what task does it solve and how to interact with it. A quick and easy immersion into the Aptos ecosystem is what we want to give our community.

The project is in the planning stage but may be launched in the very near future.

The project will be created in several stages:
Stage 1: is the collection of feedback about this project so that we can finalize the project and also we would like to hear your suggestions for the name of this project!
Stage 2: is the gathering of the project team
Initial list(Can be changed)
(Content Maker)
Stage 3: creating the first educational video and launching the project

Initial team list:
@monopolisto joined the community at an early stage of DevNet as an active member of the community (Coordinator and AIT2 participant) helped many community members with setting up their FullNode in DevNet, as well as answering questions and creating a friendly atmosphere in the RU community

@versace1017 An active member of the community (participant AIT2,coordinator) creator of video guides for installing the Aptos node on YouTube,creator of a non-official Aptos group (RU) in telegram.

This is the initial plan and we are happy to listen to your ideas and suggestions :innocent:
If you want to join us and create a useful project for Aptos, we will be glad to see you in our team :blush:


Really good idea. I think it will be very useful for all members of the community.


I would suggest thinking about the possibility of using other social networks in parallel !


This project is quite amazing. This will help new members to easily navigate themselves in the ecosystem and also contribute effectively in utilizing the Aptos ecosystem projects. Great work :fire::fire:


Me and @crnepos have been developing the idea of creating a channel for Aptos for a long time ago
But the problem was that it is not easy to create an official one . I offered it in one of my topics

Previously, this idea was proposed to @james long before the forum was created

I was just trying to do that the channel did not belong to the other brands of participants and contributors, as because many bloggers make videos about Aptos and post it on their own channels
But here I agree with James , content in other languages is difficult to track and the information in these videos , for example , may not be correct , and post this works in official channel -bad idea

First of all, I wanted to create a channel (Official Aptos Channel ) where anyone could watch the Move Mondays & Workshop Wednesday video

But It’s a little harder with community content ! There really are no regulations rules for the official channel content

Also, now there is a question about the video about the Move language
Our community would like to study and develop
I also made a topic about this and it also find interest

But we come back to the problem of - where to post the videos about it ?!

There was also a question with the name of the channel, even if it wasn’t official … I didn’t want to do the name specifically to the RU community, I would like that content will be multinational ( creating separate playlists ) and various collaborations with other language communities

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Now we also actively connected with a brave coordinator and a really hard worker @paul69
He interesting about this channel too
We are glad to see everyone who wants to help and I know that @monopolisto wrote that he have an idea to make a series of videos about the Aptos ecosystem! This is also a great idea ! We can also ask Workshops and Move Mondays translators to comment videos with their summaries after their posting
Plans can be really big ! And we can involve a lot of community contributors


I decided to create a channel

This is not the final option and there is almost nothing there yet except cool intro screen created with me and @crnepos specially for Aptos

I want to upload all Workshops & Mondays there

First of all I think very important to upload the last Workshop call, because there are too much important information about Miro and Forum, and a lot of good information for newcomers

There are also plans to make a video about the project
A lot of plans ! And everybody can connect to this project
We will finalize it

+We didn’t create the channel previously because we thought that Stefan is engaged in this idea too and already working on it

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If you need I’m here too :slight_smile:


Оh cool idea, let’s try to organize an AMA in Russian, I think we need a few technically literate speakers who will briefly talk about the project, and then people can ask questions. It seems to me that this can be very effective in terms of attracting new people to the project. I can be helpful with organisation, let me know :handshake:

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A good idea. The RU community is very interested in Aptos. This will lower the entry threshold for the RU community.

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Of course we need you :innocent:

Have you found a designer for this project?

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Still in search …) We wanted to make an announcement a little later

Everybody who read this topic - yes , we need designer in our team for Aptos Ru Community YouTube channel
Please write here , or write Monopolisto , CrNepos (Ruslan ) or me in discord for cooperation :wink:

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