Aptos Ukrainian Hub

Hi there, aptonaut!

Good to see everyone who has joined this topic.
So, let’s start with my introduction of my idea.

Project Name:
Aptos Ukrainian Hub

Aptos Ukrainian Hub is a large collection of technical and useful information about Aptos, presented in an accessible and simple format and translated into Ukrainian language and other no-english language in future.

Creating a big educational base for the community without any language barriers.

AUH needs five specialists, some of whom I have already found. But any member of the community can contribute as long as they meet certain criteria, such as quality, originality, and usefulness.

Please follow a presentation to learn more about my idea:

I will be happy to receive any feedback/wishes/improvements, so feel free to contact me in the DM in any convenient platform (discord, telegram, twitter, mail).

DS: 0xGolden#6740
TG: @goldzn
TW: @0xgoldzn

Thank you for your time and attention!


I support the idea, I would like to join the creation. I contacted you on TG :slightly_smiling_face:


great idea! I will support it.


Поперше - молодець, що виступив з такою ініциативою. По друге - Аптос ну дуже перспективний проект і хто влізе в цей човен першим отримає вкуснощі, при наймні я так гадаю. По-треттє - дуже непогана ідея, сам хотів щось подібне робити, але на все мене не вистачає щоб самому. Готовий приєднатися, можу надати в користування домен aptos.net.ua. Все про мене можна знайти на поєму фейс сайті https://pimenov.com.ua та на моїй сторінці на GitHub olton (Serhii Pimenov) · GitHub


Дякую Вам за підтримку.
Я бачу, що ви робите неймовірну і важливу роботу!
Ми з вами обговоримо деталі проєкту, але поки я готую матеріал і інформацію, щоб розмова була більш конструктивною.
Ще раз дякую Вам!

Thanks for support. I see what you are doing is very amazing! Of course we will discuss the details with you, but for now I am preparing the material and information so that the conversation will be more constructive. Thank you, again!

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@andrii777 @hausen Thanks for the support, guys! So nice to see it :black_heart:

Гадаю, що якщо дійсно об’єднати Ваші технічні напрацювання та навчальний матеріал/контент - можна створити дійсно унікальну та корисну одиницю в екосистемі Aptos. //

I believe that if you really combine your technical expertise and educational material/content, we can create a truly unique and useful unit in the Aptos ecosystem.

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Hey sir, thx for reply on my topic, i totaly agree with ur idea coz that’s probably the same as my:)
Let’s do it better together. voted for ur idea and i’ll support you with it


Yes, so cool.
Right now I’m doing the preparatory work, like you there are still some very cool guys who are willing to help and develop this idea. As long as you can send me some of your work in the dm so I can understand your skill level.
Thanks :handshake:

Great initiative, would be happy to help as a designer or animator. I can also help with technical translations.

Відмінна ініціатива, буду радий допомогти в якості дизайнера або аніматора. Я також можу допомогти з технічними перекладами.


Thank you for your response and offer of help, it’s incredible! Since the team is not fully formed yet you can send your work to the dm, and describe what you would like to work with.

Підтримаю тебе, добру справу робиш, :ukraine: :love_you_gesture:!

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Thank you so much, that’s very kind! @mcib

right, i think is best idea, I will support you in your project. because we have another country, we have own language - so it will be really great to join to Aptos Ua Hub , because we can communicating together, make in this geoup make more useful for the project. we can even make a gathering meeting in Ukraine, i would be interested in chatting with Aptos UA community :ukraine:


Thank you for the offer and your enthusiasm.

Yes, the idea is really good and big - so each participant can contribute to the development of the project, if the level of their work is relevant.

You can send your work, and preferences for what you would like to be responsible for in the project, if you are interested.

Thank you again for your support. :black_heart:

Гарна ідея. Можна зібратися в команду та поділитися своїми вміннями та сворити дійсно щось не повторне)) що допоможе всім в вивчені даного проекту. Можу анімашки робити, переклади та структирізувати все в потрібний контент. ДУмаю гуртом ми все зможемо

Good idea. You can gather in a team and share your skills and create something really unique)) that will help everyone in the study of this project. I can make animations, translate and structure everything into the required content. I think we can do everything as a group

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a very good idea! I totally support it!
I can help with translations as well.
I am glad that we have so many like-minded people here who want to help develop and grow UA community!

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great idea! I will support it.

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@samogonshik hi! Thank you for your support and enthusiasm.
You can share your work in my DMs and we can discuss some ideas together.


Hi! Glad to hear that.
So you can send to my DS 0xGolden#6740.
Thanks for your attention and support :black_heart: