Aptos Twitter Thread Contest

The aim of the contest is to spread the word about Aptos and to show more people key features and advantages of Aptos network.

How to Participate?

  1. Create a Twitter thread that relates to the topics:
  • Aptos network;

  • the advantages of Aptos;

  • benefits of the Move language;

  • developments in the Aptosverse;

  • your vision about the future of Aptos network.

  1. Use the hashtags #aptos #aptoslabs #aptosthread

  2. Tag @aptoslabs

  3. Post the link in the comments and in Discord;

Start Date: Thursday, August 4
End Date: Monday, August 15

Do not forget to show your creativity. The best works and threads will be shown to the team and you will be noted :slight_smile:


Great idea!!! :ok_hand: :rocket: :muscle: @natalia1987 Let’s participate!!


just did a thread :slight_smile: https://twitter.com/TheRishabhAnand/status/1559079932730683392

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Hi guys, let’s move the deadline till 19th August!

look what I did, I fit everything in 1 post

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