Aptos Trust System - follow basic rules

Discourse has five user trust levels. Your current level is visible on your profile, and all levels are summarized on the dashboard.

How users learn about the trust system:

:speech_balloon:New users receive a welcome PM with info on the trust system and a blog post link.
They can have an interactive training conversation with discobot.
On reaching trust level 1, users get a congratulatory PM with blog post and profile/topic fill-out invites.
Trust level 2 and 3 also receive congratulatory PMs with relevant blog post links.

:point_right:Trust Level 0 - New users:

New users have limited abilities for safety reasons.
Can’t send PMs, reply as new topic, flag posts, post more than 1 image, etc.

:point_right:Trust Level 1 - Basic users:

Reach by reading at least 5 topics, 30 posts, and spending 10 mins reading.
Basic functions unlocked, like sending PMs, uploading images, and editing wiki posts.
Trust Level 2 - Member users:

Achieved through active participation over weeks.
Increased capabilities, like inviting others to topics, increased daily limits, etc.

:point_right:Trust Level 3 - Regular users:

Backbone of the community, active contributors over months.
Gain access to secure categories, can recategorize and rename topics, etc.

:muscle:Trust Level 4 - Leader users:

Only manually promoted by staff.
Have advanced abilities like editing all posts, closing/archiving topics, etc.

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