APTOS to One Year in Few Days

October 19 makes it One Year for Aptos and they really love their Community with Based Team
What are your takes in the anniversary Day

We Love You Aptos


Hpefully the make the announcement we all have been waiting for on that day.


It’s been a wonderful ride


19October is the day
We will all celebrate


It’s really a big deal… great project great team! Aptos for life

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Nothing is coming on oct19…. Just forget about the airdrop I guess

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Aptos is changing how smart contracts work.


I love aptos project it’s very good project and strong team :+1:

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if only they will announce what people really want to hear

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Hell yea!!!, been a long nice ride

lol, expecting airdrop, dont keep your hopes high, rather build with them

Patiently waiting for the day

Aptos is one of the best project out there that have community at heart, we love them so much

I think the team will make a statement to their community with a subsequent action plan

Just build with them organically

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Exactly my thoughts