Aptos the new era

os, the emerging titan of the crypto world, is forging an indelible mark on the landscape of digital currency. Aptos’ strategy, anchored in aggressive pursuit of innovation, is poised to catapult it to the pinnacle of the crypto space. This audacious approach is embodied in its remarkable collaborations, groundbreaking product launches, and forward-thinking initiatives.

The strength of Aptos’ strategic partnerships is palpable, with its ongoing alliance with Google Cloud through the Web3 Startup Program being a testament to this. This partnership is poised to exponentially benefit the Aptos community, providing essential capital and resources aimed at bolstering infrastructure development. United, Aptos and Google Cloud embody a synergy that is set to take the crypto world by storm.

Aptos’ visionary stance is further exemplified in its collaboration with Mastercard for the ‘Mastercard Crypto Credential’. This novel on-chain identity and verification framework paves the way for the development of diverse applications spanning payments, ticketing, NFTs, and more. Aptos and Mastercard together are pushing the frontiers of what is possible in the crypto space.

Furthermore, Aptos is making crypto staking more accessible to its users through its new ‘Delegated Staking’ feature. Users can now entrust their staking power to a reliable network validator, creating more opportunities to earn rewards individually. This move represents a game-changing shift from the previous threshold, marking another step in Aptos’ commitment to empowering its users.

Additionally, AptosLabs, the innovative arm of Aptos, is set to build groundbreaking identity, security, trust, and verification tools. This suite of tools promises to enable seamless cross-border transactions, kicking off with a pilot for remittances between the USA, Latin America, and Caribbean nations.

Meanwhile, Aptos continues to nurture the intersection of art and technology. Following the success of its Ecosystem Grants Phase 1, Aptos has opened applications for Phase 2. The company’s Artists Grants Program pledges an astounding $20 million to cultivate unique, creativity-affirming experiences on the Aptos platform


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