Aptos testnet awards💸🫡

:bangbang:Aptos Award for Testnet, for AIT participants 1-3.

Thank you very much for participating in the Aptos Incentivized Testnet! Your contributions have been invaluable to the successful launch of the mainnet and we are happy to share the reward results and limited steps with you.

We expect you to be rewarded for your contributions to the community and are happy to announce that we will provide a 10% bonus on the tokens you earn during the AIT. The reward amounts will be rewarded by every AIT user when you log into Aptos Labs - Opening the gateway to the Aptos Network and the 10% bonus will be available by pip.

Receiving reward:

  • After logging in, you can see which reward you are entitled to under the various AITs.
  • Then you can connect a wallet to which you can receive a reward. This step is very important because this is how we will collect wallet addresses to link to your account on the platform’s community platform.
  • You must enter your wallet address at Aptos Labs - Opening the gateway to the Aptos Network by 12 noon PT January 13, 2023 to receive the AIT reward. If you do not, you will no longer be eligible to receive tokens.
  • Aptos will conduct a batch mailing to addresses.
  • All tokens will be locked for 1 year from the moment the tokens are sent to your wallet address).

To mention the reward estimate, please see the marked blog posts:

Please note that any Aptos tokens are issued to non-U.S. citizens, subject to regulatory restrictions. For any rewards provided in connection with the Incentive Testnet, there is a cumulative one-year lock-up period beginning with the increase in your token supply. More details can be found in our terms and conditions
Testnet Participation Terms of Use - Aptos Labs


Awesome news. Aptos :rocket:


Great idea, taking care of the project on the face!


Congrats everyone who received the airdrop for other please stay engage and use the network and keep on building


Congrats everyone who received the airdrop! :star_struck:


greate news :fire:


good news! more airdrop please. when airdrop for community

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Congratulation to winners