Aptos team they dont supporting People who work conscientiously and sincerely

Today I realized that the team on the Monday move AMA don’t know anything
About months ago, they did not have an answer if there was an ambassador program to raise awareness for the community
Today I asked the question, and surprisingly, they did not have an answer, and some evaded the answer
The community was rewarded with an airdrop for an hour’s work
And I have about eight months working on the Arabic medium channel, and I paid from my own pocket to translate the articles into Arabic professionally, and I was completely ignored and did not pay any attention to me
If I don’t get an answer or at least an estimate for my work, I will leave and not waste my time working on translating articles in this projekt.


This is unfortunate as your efforts are valuable here. The problem is that translation does not meet the eligibility criteria as outlined by ALF. This does not translate to your work having no, or lesser value! I hope you will see this and stay connected.

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