Aptos supporting wallets

I’ll be dropping a list of wallets supported by Aptos below this post along with it a little bit of explanation.
The Following are Aptos wallets that you can use to store your $APT.

:arrow_right: MARTIAN WALLET
Martian wallet is a self-custodial wallet that allows users to store, access, manage and trade in various assets, including Aptos and other cryptocurrencies that are built using the Move programming language. The wallet is available as a Chrome and iOS extension, making it easy for users to access their assets on-the-go.

One of the key features of the Martian wallet is its ability to mint NFTs directly to the blockchain, which has attracted over 5,00,000 users on Chrome. This feature allows users to easily create and manage their own unique digital assets, such as collectibles, artwork, and more. Overall, Martian wallet is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a secure, easy-to-use wallet that supports Aptos and other Move-based cryptocurrencies, and also allows for NFT creation and management.

There are still other things you can personally try out on the wallet too. Go to your Chrome webstore to get started or any browser that supports app extensions.

:arrow_right:TRUST WALLET
We are all familiar with this particular one, even a newbie in the crypto space would know this one.
Trust Wallet is a leading software wallet that was one of the first major crypto wallets to support the Aptos blockchain. It is officially owned by Binance, one of the largest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, which adds to its credibility.

With Trust Wallet, users can access all the decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols on the Aptos blockchain, just as they would with protocols running on Ethereum or Binance Chain. This allows users to have a seamless experience when interacting with dApps and protocols on the Aptos blockchain.

Trust Wallet’s user-friendly interface and security measures make it a popular choice among Aptos users. It also supports a wide range of other blockchain networks, making it a versatile option for managing multiple types of digital assets. Additionally, with the support of Binance, Trust Wallet has the potential for future developments and integrations with other platforms.

:arrow_right: FLETCH WALLET
Fletch is a decentralized wallet for Aptos that is designed specifically for mobile users. Unlike traditional wallets that are limited to browser extensions, Fletch is available as both a Chrome browser extension and a smartphone app for both iOS and Android users. This makes it easily accessible for users on the go, and allows them to manage their tokens, NFTs, and perform various transactions with ease.

In summary, Fletch Wallet is a decentralized wallet that provides mobile users with a secure and easy way to access the Aptos blockchain, it’s available as both a Chrome browser extension and a smartphone app for both iOS and Android users, This allows users to manage their tokens/NFTs, perform swaps, securely connect to websites, sign messages and more.

:arrow_right: FEWCHA WALLET
Fewcha is a web3 wallet that provides access to a wide range of applications on the Aptos blockchain. It offers an easy and secure way to store, send, and swap tokens and NFTs, making it an ideal choice for both casual and advanced users.

One of the unique features of Fewcha is its web3 connection for dApp developers. It allows them to easily integrate their dApps with the Aptos ecosystem, making it a valuable tool for developers looking to build on the Aptos blockchain.

Security is a top priority for Fewcha. They encrypt the Mnemonic Phrase with 100% encryption and do not store the seed phrase on any servers, providing an added layer of security for users. This ensures that user’s assets are protected and only accessible to them. With its advanced features, Fewcha is a great option for anyone looking to use the Aptos blockchain and its dApps.

:arrow_right: PONTEM WALLET
Pontem Wallet was the first production-ready wallet for Aptos. Available on the Chrome Store, the Pontem Wallet extension is a great way to interact with the Aptoverse. Currently connected to the testnet and devnet, Pontem Wallet can store APT, BTC, USDT, USDC, MOVE, tAPT, and any other current and future assets issued on Aptos.

Like all Pontem Network dApps, Pontem Wallet is thoroughly audited to ensure user safety, with a simple interface that works similarly to your other favorite wallets. Plus, the wallet is non-custodial, meaning every transaction occurs through [trustless smart contracts and only you have access to your private keys.

Overall, the Pontem Aptos Wallet is an ultimate entry point for users to explore the fast-growing Aptos ecosystem, it’s designed to be user-friendly and provide a seamless experience for its users. With the integration of more dApps and features, it aims to provide a one-stop-shop for managing digital assets on the Aptos blockchain.

:arrow_right: PETRA WALLET
Petra is a browser-based wallet made by the Aptos developer team itself. (It was not always called Petra, so you may see references to it as simply [“Aptos wallet” or something similar. The wallet was designed for the testnet and includes all of the basic functionality needed to start exploring Aptos, including transacting with test coins, creating NFTs, selecting networks, and connecting to dApps. This made it an ideal wallet choice for Aptos Incentivized Testnet.

Petra’s interface is basic and functional. You can send and receive tokens, view your NFTs, view the activity log, etc. The Settings tab allows you to see the secret recovery phrase, add a new account, rename the wallet, and switch between the devnet and testnet.

In summary, Petra Wallet is a free web application available as a Google Chrome extension that provides users with a user-friendly and secure way to access the Aptos blockchain, it allows users to create and view NFTs, store and transfer assets, and interact with decentralized applications (dApps), all on the Aptos blockchain. It has a high number of downloads and is a popular choice among users.

:arrow_right: RISE WALLET (This is a new wallet)
Rise is a new wallet built by the same team as the Solflare wallet for Solana. At the time of writing, only APT was enabled without a way to import other tokens, but Rise has a number of features that most other Aptos wallets don’t – especially when it comes to NFTs.
For example, you can agree to receive NFTs from any Aptos address. This is handy, because in Aptos, you can only receive assets that you have approved, in order to avoid scammers from sending out malicious tokens and NFTs – as often happens on Solana, for example. But with Rise, you can avoid having to check if you’ve received any NFTs and manually approve each with your private key. You can also withdraw the permission to receive NFTs anytime. Another quirky feature is the possibility to set any NFT as your Rise PFP (avatar).

Rise also has built-in token swaps (which were inactive at the time of writing ahead of the mainnet release), and a nice notifications tab. You can subscribe to those you’re interested in via Settings: the list of NFT notifications is impressive.

Rise is already integrated with many Aptos dApps, especially NFT collections. For example, it was the official mint partner of Aptos Monkeys and Alpha Alpacas.

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