Aptos SUMOTEX 🏙 Real World Tokenization Protocol

Hello Aptos Community! We are from the Sumotex team, a project which will revolutionse the real estate and institutional finance industry.

:clock1:Project history
We started out as a NFT project on the Iotex blockchain (fractional ownership with mining and dividend return on investments), we then transitioned to our tokenisational protocol when we have released our whitepaper.

:film_projector:Project Name / Organization
SUMOTEX, think of us as a tokenisation protocol where we tokenise off-chain assets ( Real Estate, Company shares, and Long term bonds)

:goal_net:Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.
Our aim is to disrupt how existing fundraising is done and redefine how traditional investment is conducted. SUMOTEX is the first ever AssetFi project which offers fractionalized ownership over both physical and metaverse real estate. The aim is to tear down the high barrier of entry for traditional investing where investors are cut off due to their limited capital.

DeFi has always promised skyrocket returns with high volatility (which we think is exciting but risky at the same time: Sumotex aim to DISTRUPT💥 the DeFi industry by providing stable return generated from REAL WORLD ASSETS coupled with an added bonus of traditional DeFi returns (in our case- SMTX token airdrop/rewards).

:coin:Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
The Aptos Ecosystem will be able to join the revolution of bringing web3 into real estate and finance. Aptos community will be able to tokenise their assets, liquidate their investments/assets almost immediately. Furthermore, they will be able to enjoy stable returns with the lucrative reward of SMTX airdrop/rewards when they invest into the issued fund.

:people_wrestling:Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation

  1. Dexter Leow
    Co-Founder and CEO

Graduated from University College London (UCL) with a Masters Degree. He has vast experience in deal structuring and risk compliance. He specializes in investments, deal and legal structuring, asset management and divestment strategies. Before Sumotex, he worked at Hartanah AP Rakyat Berhad where he is involved in growing their real estate portfolio to RM 350 million with a starting investment capital of RM 60 million. He then went on to take on the role in asset management which manages a real estate portfolio worth RM 3 billion. At the current moment, he assumes the full time role as the Chief Investment Officer of Selat Capital, a real estate private equity firm in Malaysia. He led Sumotex to the success they have at the moment because of the vision that he believes in. Dexter saw the potential of IOTEX where their MachineFi vision will revolutionize the real estate industry and has been closely working together to innovate the industry. Sumotex is incorporated because Dexter saw the issue in traditional private equity, and Web3 is the solution. Hence the birth of Sumotex, aiming to solve 3 key issues in finance and real estate: liquidity, barrier to entry and deal flow (speed).

Under the guidance of Dexter and his vision for Sumotex, the team and he are working towards a future where Web3 Real estate takes over the traditional web2 real estate. Ensuring what was known to everyone as illiquid, to finally be liquid, tradable instantly with ease, all with Sumotex.

  1. Mike Leow
    Co-founder and CTO

Mike has multiple years’ experience in the fintech industry as a leading department head for various financial institutes, entrepreneur by heart, he has the intuitive and impeccable ability to bring a product from 0 to 1.

Mike is responsible for SUMOTEX product decision and tech decision, building the roadmap for the product and executing the vision end to end, with a stellar record of building excellence products.


    • Tokenisation of Real Estate portofolio in Malaysia- 2.5mil USD (4.5% returns+SMTX returns)
    • Tokenisation of Wellness centre in Malaysia- 3.2mil USD ( 4% returns +2% cash point returns+ SMTX returns)
    • Tokenisation of Prime Development land in Malaysia- 250mil USD ( 3% annual returns, conversion to real estate development token at end of fund lifetime)

Total TVL locked before protocol live: 255.7mil USD :fire:

Official links

  1. Website: https://sumotex.co/

:information_source:Documentations and audits

Site contains WHITEPAPER, AUDIT LINKS and All relevant channels, current presale is LIVE on the Ethereum blockchain.

:zap: :flight_departure:(APTOS LAUNCH)- TBA ***Hint: Very very soon :rocket:

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Hi Aptos Community,

Do let us know if you have any more questions regarding the project and what we want to achieve. More than happy to answer.


Hello Everyone,

Its a pleasure! I am Mike the co-founder for SUMOTEX, do let us know if you have any questions!

Interesting, I would like to get acquainted with the topic, thank you!

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