Aptos & Sui project

  • Project Name / Organization

First Nft project on aptos and sui blockchain

:ant::ant:Ant Nft :ant::ant:

  • Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.

:point_right::point_right:Our nft using gaming , staking and other use
:point_right::point_right:In this time uor nft overall marcket firast nft which stake to earn both blockchain

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
    :point_right::point_right:In this time our nft is free but in feature is not say because our game is build aptos blockchain and earn aou native token .
    :point_right::point_right: Nft holder also eligible early airdrops .
    And many benifits

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline

  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation
    :point_right::point_right:Our team already work web 3 proper and build the game
    . Holder wait our game

  • Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable

  • Key Risks & Challenges
    No risk challange
    Beacause it is free
    So you can try our nft and game


soon to the moon

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Amazing projects! :smiley:

Together to success!

Wish you success! Aptos and Sui are very cool networks


Please upload more information about your project!
Concepts? Clear Roadmap and your background can help us more

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wish you success​:fire::fire::fire:

what the main difference between Sui and Aptos?


Sui It uses a DAG (Narwhal) based Tusk mating pattern. Then DAG
In the implementation, the parallelization layer is exploited.
They use BlockSTM, which is a development of the HotStuff algorithm with high performance
Parallelization with dynamic detection of dependencies and timing of execution tasks (inspired by memory).
and also by Scalability :
Sui it tackles this problem by efficiently partitioning memory, focusing on horizontal scaling of resources. From
On the other hand, Aptos puts more emphasis on supporting heterogeneous validations (CPU limited or storage).

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Aptos > sui

active in both so happy for the initiative!!

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Aptos at moment looks better then Sui. But who know what we seen in futurre :sweat_smile: