Aptos Status Monitor

Aptos Status Monitor


Aptos Status Monitor - this is a web application that displays the current state of the blockchain, based on the official node of the Aptos team (using its API), and the data accumulated in the database by the Indexer.


The main goal of this project is to provide an opportunity to quickly and conveniently obtain the main indicators of the blockchain.


Already at this stage, users can receive data. I constantly analyze what data is in the blockchain and Indexer database and figure out how to use it with the greatest benefit.

You can see the live demo Aptos Status Monitor now.

Skills & Experience

All my team - I’m! I have been programming for about 30 years. For the last 10 years, I have given a very significant role to web programming.

My general skills:

  • JavaScript, NodeJS
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • SQL, PL/SQL, PSQL (MySQL, Oracle, Postgres)


I really like the concept of Aptos, its possibilities, and prospects. At the moment, I have practically withdrawn from other projects in order to be able to concentrate on Aptos. I’m currently heavily learning Rust and Move to get to the level of working with the Aptos kernel.

Also, my age plays a big role, unfortunately, I am already 50, and it is very difficult for me to find a job because they usually hire young people. I am currently unemployed and hope that my ecosystem projects and community projects will allow me to earn money to support my family.

Technical Architecture

Aptos Status Monitor written on:

  • Server-side - NodeJS, PostgreSQL, SQL, PSQL
  • Client-side - JavaScript, HTML, CSS/LESS, Metro4, ChartJS

Key Risks & Challenges

The project does not carry risks, because it performs only an informative role and does not affect the data inside the blockchain in any way.


Something new again :slight_smile:


Great !!! Your tools always very helpful , Sergei! Thanks :black_heart:


Yoooo. This is an incredible site! With http://status.aptos-node.net very convenient to track information about nodes

I want to improve your project, so here are some ideas:
-Make page logo (sceenshot)
-Add some background

Other than that, I really like the minimalism of the site :star_struck:


Cool as always very helpful

This is a very handy site about nodes. All the information you need to know is there, good work.
And the black design of the website and minimalism is very attractive!

FYI: The status monitor has moved to https://status.aptos.net.ua/

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Thank you it’s helpful as always

Hey All! Aptos Status Monitor (https://status.aptosnet.com/) has been migrated to the new Archive API and is now back up and running

Looking nice. Really usefull website