Aptos second airdrop (part 1)

Aptos Blockchain Aptos is a Layer1 Blockchain, built on Move. Aptos Labs raised $350M so far!

Their first [$APT] Airdrop was worth $10K! Now we will position ourselves for the second one!

Aptos Tokenomics Only 2.3% of tokens were airdropped in the first phase Around 48,7% tokens are yet to get distributed! That leaves


with 487M [$APT] ($3,45B) to distribute

-Get an Aptos Wallet - [https://petra.app] or [https://martianwallet.xyz]

-Go to [APTOS BRIDGE by LayerZero]

-Connect EVM + Aptos Wallet

  • Select the token and the networks

  • Add gas on destination( 0.1 APT)

-Sign the transaction

Aptos Domain : First and foremost, get an Aptos Domain! Only costs 1 [$APT] $8 for a year


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