Aptos Roundup[Infographic]

Hello world! :earth_americas:
A week ago, I started making “mini reports” about the events of the past week that took place in the project. To keep the chronology and sequence, I decided to create this topic.
What are “mini reports”?
This is a one-page infographic, which briefly describes the main events of the past week in one or two sentences, with pictures and beautiful design. :blush:
All information is taken from the official sources of the project.
Reports will be released every week on Monday.
If you have any wishes and suggestions, write right here. I will be glad to all constructive remarks. Thank you all for your attention!
P.S. The design and concept of reports will change until I find the very style that suits me.


Aptos Roundup #1 July 11 - July 17


Aptos Roundup #2 July 18 - July 24


I think it makes sense.Looks great

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Nice idea. That’s a great idea. But tell me, how do you see the important information will be voluminous enough that it can’t be shortened?


I give a brief description, and if the information is voluminous and important, I give a link to the source

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Aptos Roundup #3 July25-July31

Aptos Roundup #4 August 1-7

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green design looks better

Aptos Roundup #5 August 8-14

Aptos Roundup #6 August 15-21

Aptos Roundup #7 August 22-28

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Aptos Roundup #8 August 29-September 4

Aptos Roundup #9 September 5-11

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Aptos Roundup #10 September 12-18

Aptos Roundup #11 September 19-25

Aptos Roundup #12 Sep 26-oct 2

Aptos Roundup #13 October 3-9

Great ideas! Love what im seeing

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Aptos Roundup #14 October 10-16