Aptos Retro drop

What u need to do, for getting next airdrop for Aptos ecosystem users?

  1. https://www.aptosnames.com/ - Create your aptos name.
  2. https://theaptosbridge.com/- Bridge assets from Ethereum to Aptos.
  3. Create topics on this forum.

That’s all. In january 2023, all users who completed this steps. Got 200 APTOS. But you should be registred on site of aptos from Discord/ Gmail/ Github


how can you know the exact amount? any official links?

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There will be more projects? I would like to see the whole list :star_struck:

seems like speculation

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Wow, it is great! I will do it. Thanks bro

Are u sure?

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Are you everywhere? :grinning:

Guys, DYOR

I think that too

Do you have any proofs?

You better delete it bro.


We need the off links bro

Guys, where did he get this information?